Friday, April 11, 2008

Statewide Health Insurance Action Needed!

All of our work, and the larger work of Education Minnesota, has put the Statewide Health Insurance for School Employees bills (SF 2747 and HF 3112) in the respective Finance Committees on their way to being passed and landing on Governor Pawlenty's desk.

Education Minnesota President Tom Dooher and a broader group of leaders, staff, and activists from Education Minnesota have all been working with the Governor and addressing the lingering concerns brought up in the May 2007 veto (see blog: Thursday, May 31, 2007 Time out for a word on that veto).

Education Minnesota is proud of the proposal that has been crafted for this legislative session and, as members, we should be too. The cost of health insurance in our district, and districts across Minnesota, has been untenable. Very few solutions have been put forward and no one has worked harder to find a solution for our members than the St. Paul Federation of Teachers and Education Minnesota.

At this point we need members to contact the Governor to stress the importance of implementing the statewide health insurance pool for school employees.

We need his signature.

Please contact Governor Pawlenty using the information below from your personal telephone and email account and ask him to sign the Statewide Health Insurance Bill when it comes to his desk.

Call the Governor at: 1.800.657.3717
Email the Governor at:

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