Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Thirty years ago this week the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers began officially representing educational assistants. May 12, 1978 was the date of the first contract recognized for educational assistants in St. Paul Public Schools.

Happy 30th Anniversary!

In that time the role of an educational assistant has evolved from a nebulous, newly classified assistant to a true education support professional.

Educational assistants often work alongside teachers aiding our most vulnerable students: Our students in crisis, our students with disabilities, our students experiencing rage or profound grief. Our educational assistants are critical links into communities that otherwise might experience isolation because language would be a barrier. Educational assistants are a building's first responders: standing as sentinels at the door, watching over the cafeteria, or patrolling the hallways for safety. So much of our school communities run smoothly because of the myriad of jobs held by our educational assistants.

Thank you for your work and dedication to education in St. Paul Public Schools.

Let's celebrate together!

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