Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank a school nurse

Happy School Nurse Appreciation Day!

School nurses are full partners in the education of our students. When I think of a the difference that having a school nurse in the building means to my students, I find myself simultaneously grateful for their work and furious at how we have to squeeze a budget to within an inch of its life to afford that access.

Today I want to make sure that everyone appreciates the work they do, including:

  • Oftentimes being the primary care provider for all the medical issues for many of our students and their families.
  • Working as a team with social workers and counselors to identify the needs of students. They then can be taken care of and stay in my classroom where I can meet the academic needs they have.
  • Educating students to meet their own, often chronic, medical needs so students leave class less often so I can meet the academic needs they have.
Every child needs a school nurse.

Every school nurse needs to be appreciated.

Thank you for your work, nurses. I literally couldn't do it without you.

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